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“…as you leave the Capitania of São Paulo, you follow the Paraiba do Sul River, you will have a big chain of mountains to the north, the Mantiqueira. When you find a deep ravine, that is the Embaú, the only safe passage to the Sertão das Gerais. Then go up the mountains and Pass Four (Passa Quatro) times the river that flows through a green and large valley, and you will get to a hollow…”

Bandeirante Fernão Dias Paes Lemes
year 1674

From Cruzeiro, (if you come from São Paulo or Rio), Tia Ana Inn is 2 km ahead the first exit to Passa Quatro. You have to turn left from the freeway, where the CONAB building is located.

Para quem vem From Itanhandu, you have to drive by the 2 exits to Passa Quatro, and 2 Km after the second exit you have to turn right, where the CONAB building is located.

From the free way, you have only 300 meters to get to the Inn.

Passa Quatro - MG
Mantiqueira Highlands

Altitude: 915 m - Average Temperature: 20ºC - Population: 15.000
São Paulo: 248 km - Rio de Janeiro: 260 km - Belo Horizonte: 435 km

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